DIA Detroit Film Theatre - The Brand New Testament

Mar 19, 2017

4:30 PM

DIA - Detroit Film Theatre, 5200 Woodward Ave., Detroit

(Belgium/Luxembourg/2015—directed by Jaco Van Dormael)

From Jaco Van Dormael (Toto the Hero) comes the year’s most edgy comic premise; what might result if The Creator lived in a Brussels high-rise with his wife and daughter, and was careless with the security of his computer’s social media accounts? One scenario might well be the one depicted here: the exact, predetermined date of death of every human being is leaked to that person via text message. Humanity’s response is explored in this audacious, dark, witty and eccentric fable, which uses its seemingly blasphemous conceit to cleverly contemplate a huge theme: free will versus predetermination—not to mention the age-old puzzle of what we would do differently if our exact time-clock were in the palm of our hands. Golden Globe® Nominee, Best Foreign Film. In French with English subtitles. (115 minutes)

“NYT Critics’ Pick! A wickedly amusing, surreal comedy whose visual imagination matches its conceptual wit.” –Stephen Holden, The New York Times