Directions to Midtown from the Major Freeways

* PLEASE NOTE:  For those visitors coming from the north and south driving on I-75, we encourage you to use an alternative exit rather than the Warren Avenue exit to avoid the high volume of traffic on Noel Night. Please see the directions below for suggested driving routes.

*Driving Southbound/Northbound I-75 (Chrysler Freeway)

  1a.  Take the Mack Avenue Exit 52.

  1a.  Turn left onto Mack Avenue and drive west five blocks to Woodward Avenue.

Driving Southbound/Northbound M-10 (The Lodge)

  1.  Take the Forest/Warren Avenue Exit 3.

  2.  Turn left on Forest (which is one-way heading east).

  3.  Drive east four blocks to Woodward Avenue.