MDI Launches Crowd Funding for Green Alley

Jun 25

9:00 PM

By Erin Piscopink

Tagged: All Neighborhoods

Help Midtown Detroit, Inc. Build a Green Alley


Midtown Detroit, Inc. is excited to share news with you about an upcoming revitalization project in Midtown.

Many of the neighborhood alleys are in varying states of disrepair and need to be updated or reconstructed. These underutilized alleys are seen as having a negative impact on our community, but through our Green Alley Program we have found that when we convert these spaces to beautified, usable public spaces, there are innumerable positive outcomes.

Now, we're turning our attention to the alley located between Selden and Alexandrine, from Second to Third Avenue. This project will transform the 415 foot-long alley, connecting future developments and promoting walkability and community connectivity. The alley will have green infrastructure, reducing the storm water burden on the city's combined sewer system while adding visual interest to the space. Plantings, lighting, and vertical elements will draw pedestrians into this unique urban environment.

We are reaching out today to invite you to take part in this exciting green revitalization project! With the help of our partners, Shinola, Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC), and Patronicity, we are launching a crowd-funding campaign to raise $50,000. These funds will be matched by MEDC and combined with a generous contribution from Shinola to fully finance this Green Alley Project. With your help, we can activate another piece of Midtown, making a greener and more vibrant Detroit.

To be a part of this exciting project, please visit where you can donate to help us reach our goal!