City Living Program

MDI runs the Discover City Living Program, an internet service that links persons looking to locate within Midtown to a wide variety of housing options, including rental housing.  The primary beneficiaries of this program are the 1,000+ students (annually) who use the website to locate off-campus housing.  The program is funded by the Hudson-Webber Foundation.


Midtown Brand Campaign

With the collaboration of area stakeholders, MDI developed a strategic marketing and communications campaign that has created a recognizable brand for the Midtown neighborhood and has promoted its convenience and desirability.  The campaign continues to successfully connect people to Midtown museums, theatres, galleries, restaurants, and retail stores. It also advertises housing options; and promotes local cultural events through various media communication. 

Publications created as a result of the marketing initiative include the Midtown Neighborhood Guide, Welcome Kits, and Shop Midtown brochures.  The publications along with paid advertising, Midtown Detroit Inc.’s website, and broad-reaching media relations have attracted new residents, visitors, investors and developers to the area.  The migration of people and businesses to the Midtown area has resulted in an increase in the district’s revenue steam which has boosted the overall economic impact on the area.  Development and investment also increased as a result of the area’s elevated profile as a fast-growing, vibrant urban space, that is rich with many cultural and educationally amenities.

The marketing campaign was designed and produced by Midtown Detroit, Inc., with assistance from the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, the Charles Wright Museum of African American History, Wayne State University, the Detroit Institute of Arts, and the Detroit Historical Museum.  Funding for the campaign was provided by the MASCO Corporation Foundation and the Community Foundation for Southeastern Michigan. MDI will continue to be the lead in promoting the qualities of the Midtown Detroit neighborhood as a distinctive and desirable place to live, visit, and invest.


Midtown Cultural Events Calendar

MDI promotes Midtown cultural events in a calendar published on the MDI website. This calendar is updated on a weekly basis and promotes 60 different venues, including all the museums, galleries, and even Midtown nonprofit organizations that host arts and cultural events. Receiving well over 200,000 hits per month, the Midtown Detroit website, specifically the calendar of events, proves to be a popular tool for visitors and residents.


Midtown Development Package

This popular marketing package highlights all the assets and development occurring in the Midtown district. It also includes pertinent information for those individuals interested in developing, investing, or starting up a business in the Midtown neighborhood. All of these materials are also available on our website, in addition to hard copy. Member dues provide the funding.


Midtown Neighborhood Guide

MDI developed a new Neighborhood Guide that will help connect people to Midtown museums, theatres, galleries, restaurants, and businesses, as well as schools, churches, and nonprofit organizations. The new Neighborhood Guide edition has been expanded and updated to reflect commercial growth in Midtown, providing brief descriptions for almost every listing and a detailed map to help residents and visitors navigate through the community. In addition, the new Neighborhood Guide presents a fresh color palette and design scheme, while representing Midtown as a culturally diverse district where people can seek out an active urban lifestyle. 100,000 Guides were produced with distribution in the Metro Times to targeted suburban and Center City locations.  The Guides can be found at all major institutions within Midtown, as well as neighborhood businesses, area hotels, and other regional attractions.


Stay Midtown Program

Launched in October, 2016, Stay Midtown is a residential retention program targeted toward Midtown’s working class population who may be experiencing the negative effects and inconveniences of Detroit’s revitalization. The program offers rental assistance for eligible Midtown residents that are experiencing a housing cost burden due to a recent increase in rent. Stay Midtown is offered to residents that are currently living within the program boundaries, and meet income and other program specific restrictions. To learn more about the program's specific eligibility requirements, visit the rental assistance page.


7.2 Square Mile Report

In partnership with the Hudson-Webber Foundation, Detroit Economic Growth Corporation, Downtown Detroit Partnership, D:hive, and Data Driven Detroit, Midtown Detroit Inc. helped produce the 7.2 Square Mile Report. This document provides comprehensive demographic, housing, employment, and area information and is meant to be used as a benchmark as Greater Downtown continues to flourish. The report is accessable to all free of charge on the website.