District Planning

Midtown Detroit Inc. has collaborated with urban design and planning firms to create three special district plans. We also collaborated with DDP and DEGC on a transit-oriented plan. Each of these plans will help to shape the future of our neighborhood in real and meaningful ways.

Executive summaries for each plan can be downloaded HERE


New Center District Development

The New Center district plan will focus on creating a walkable mixed-use community that will utilize the new M1 Rail transportation and connect with TechTown's new district development and the Henry Ford Hospital. This district plan would include locating development opportunities, filling vacant retail space, supporting mixed-use development, and creating a parking plan that will support the increase of new residents and businesses. The district plan also includes improved safety, and viaduct and streetscape enhancements.



Detroit Medical Center District Plan

DMC District Planning is a collaborative initiative among many area stakeholders to identify opportunities and the necessary resources that will re-strategize land use to achieve the greatest area benefit. The planning incorporates mixed-use development, walkability, and amenities that are all inclusive of living basics. The district transformation will attract new residents and businesses revitalizing the area and creating economic benefits for the community.




TechTown District Plan

In this plan, TechTown has been identified as an innovation district. The TechTown District Plan will be the aspirational framework for development over the next 20 years. The Plan will establish an urban design framework for the District, identify key parcels for development, identify public realm and infrastructure improvements, define programs, and prioritize opportunities. The Plan will become a "road map" for the District's leadership and will help build momentum and support for a vibrant, mixed-use innovation district.




Transit-Oriented District Development Plan

Midtown is part of the Woodward Light Rail (M1 Rail) development that will run between Downtown and the New Center area. The light rail and its subsequent district development are a joint collaboration of participants from the city, philanthropic organizations, medical, cultural, and educational institutions, public and private businesses, and members of the community. This collective force will focus on public infrastructure improvements and future development that will be a catalyst in additional investment and economic growth improving the quality of life for everyone.