Noel Night Road Closures and Detours

December 2, 2013


Before you drive to Midtown for Noel Night, you need to be aware of the road closures, detours, and best options for parking. We encourage you to review the map below and to keep a copy with you in the car.

+ Woodward Avenue [from Palmer to Warren]
+ Ferry Street [from Cass to John R]
+ Kirby Street [from Cass to John R]
+ Farnsworth [from Woodward to John R]
Please Note: Putnam Street will be a temporary 2-way between Cass and Woodward.

+ Northbound Woodward traffic will be guided to Warren Avenue, then Brush Street, then to the I-94 Service Drive, then back onto Woodward.
+ Southbound Woodward traffic will be guided to Antoinette Street, then Cass Avenue, then to Forest Avenue, then back to Woodward.
Please Note: We encourage everyone to avoid John R near the Detroit Institute of Arts. Traffic conjestion in this area delayed many visitors for 1+ hours in 2012.

WSU Parking Structure 2 - Located on Anthony Wayne Drive ($)
WSU Parking Structure 5 - Located on Anthony Wayne Drive | 5501 Anthony Wayne ($)
WSU Parking Structure 1 - Located at Cass and Palmer | 450 W. Palmer ($)
Please Note: A Noel Night shuttle will be circling around and pick up visitors from these three decks and then will drop/pick up people at the Detroit Historical Museum on W. Kirby Street. W. Kirby Street is closed off -- only this special Noel Night parking shuttle will be able to get through the barriers to drop off guests.
WSU Parking Structure 8
- Located on Forest between Cass and Woodward ($)
WSU Parking Structure 6 - Located at Cass and Putnam | 61 Putnam ($)
WSU Parking Lot 60 - 4710 Second ($)
South Midtown Parking - 3408 Woodward | FREE parking courtesy of Michigan State University - Detroit Center, University of Michigan - Detroit Center and Whole Foods.

WSU Parking Structure 3 - 45 E. Warren ($)
The Cultural Center Parking Lot - Located on John R directly behind the Detroit Institute of Arts ($)

+ Arrive before 5:00 p.m. to avoid traffic conjestion. Make a day of Midtown with all of the great shopping and restaurants!
+ Be prepared to walk or bicycle. If the shuttles get locked up in traffic, it will be easier to get around on foot or on bike than in a vehicle.
+ Dress in layers.
+ Have an idea of what you want to see at Noel Night. There is no way you can do it all!
+ Call the Midtown Detroit, Inc. office if you have questions about Noel Night at (313) 420-6000.


Volunteer at Noel Night

December 1, 2013

We need you! Midtown Detroit, Inc. is looking for volunteers for Noel Night to work as shuttle guides, carriage ride organizers, information booth attendants, greeters, and people to assist with family craft activities. Noel Night is this Saturday, December 7. Volunteers will be needed from 4 - 10:30 p.m.. If you're interested in volunteering, contact Elise Fields by Wednesday, December 4 at 313-420-6000 or [email protected].

Download the Noel Night Schedule

November 26, 2013

The most up-to-date schedule is now available for download as a 17-page PDF document HERE. Come back to the website soon for suggested itineraries by discipline. Any questions about the Noel Night schedule should be directed to the Midtown Detroit, Inc. office at (313) 420-6000.

Download the 2013 Noel Night Schedule.