Nestled in the heart of Detroit, Midtown and New Center are surrounded by the downtown to the south, with North Corktown, Woodbridge, and Virginia Park to the west, Eastern Market and Milwaukee Junction to the east, and the North End to the north.

Within these districts lie a diverse collection of smaller neighborhoods, each with its unique identity and history, creating a mosaic of smaller neighborhoods within the larger community. Notable neighborhoods include New Center, Wayne State, Art Center, North and South Cass (historically known as the Cass Corridor), Medical Center, and Brush Park.

In this compact three-square-mile area, you’ll find a vibrant mix of people, places, and businesses. It’s home to large offices, prominent educational and medical institutions, and a multitude of local shops and restaurants. Every corner in Midtown holds something new to discoverall you need to do is start exploring.


New Center

Adjacent Areas

The neighborhoods around Midtown and New Center are exciting and dynamic areas in their own right. These adjacent areas complement the energy and vitality of Midtown and New Center with a unique mix of history, culture, and community. Together, they create an exciting environment to enjoy and explore, right in the heart of Detroit.