Midtown Detroit, Inc. keeps Midtown & New Center attractive and inviting through initiatives that improve & beautify area parks, main streets, medians, streetscapes, the Midtown Greenway, and other public spaces. We are committed to bringing you the most beautiful public spaces that ensure long-term development and improvement to the area.  Residents and Visitors alike benefit from clean spaces and the promotion of public health and safety.

Area Maintenance

Several beautification and maintenance initiatives are conducted in Midtown & New Center including the upkeep of the parks, public spaces, medians, neighborhood streetscapes (such as Woodward, Warren, Mack & W. Grand), and the Midtown Greenway. MDI has made improvements to several parks and public spaces throughout the area. By reclaiming much needed green space, reintroducing native vegetation, and incorporating public art, MDI creates public areas that contribute to the quality of life and create a strong sense of place and community. The Midtown Green Alleys converted underutilized alleys into eco-friendly, aesthetically pleasing pedestrian walkways.

MDI contracts with Block by Block/Operation Clean to pick-up trash throughout the neighborhood and the district’s expressway entrance and exit ramps. MDI also hires local companies to handle landscaping, graffiti removal, and other special public space maintenance tasks. These maintenance activities are funded by member dues and the public space maintenance fund.   

Flowerbed Program

The beautiful spring and summer flowers you see as you drive, walk, or bike in Midtown and New Center areas, are courtesy of Midtown Detroit, Inc. association members and individual sponsorships of local businesses and community organizations. There are over fifty perennial flowerbeds along the Warren, Mack, St. Antoine and Anthony Wayne medians and throughout the New Center area. Mid-May through mid-October, nearly 55,000 flowers are in bloom for the enjoyment of visitors, residents, students, and the areas’ workforce. It is a wonderful gift for all to enjoy.

Cultural Center Planning Initiative

The Cultural Center Planning Initiative (CCPI) began with the idea that animated public spaces have the power to bring people together and make a community stronger. It is this idea that has fueled a collaborative effort to realize the vision of a public space that welcomes all people and establishes meaningful connections between the Cultural Center’s important cultural and educational institutions.

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