Midtown Detroit Inc’s ongoing work to revitalize the neighborhood wouldn’t be possible without our many dedicated funders, including our valued stakeholders who are actively engaged in community development. We would like to thank our funders and supporters.

What is included with membership?

Midtown Detroit Inc.’s (MDI) membership connects businesses in and around the Midtown and New Center area with opportunities, custom research, and other members-only benefits while fueling MDI’s collective economic impact. Additionally, your membership supports MDI’s many programs and initiatives in the district

Community & Economic Development

• Professional expertise provided to developers, district businesses, brokers and residents

• Funding for ­­­­­arts and special projects to support district brands.

• District communications strategy to enhance awareness and appreciation of the area.

• Access to custom market research, data, and analysis for project planning purposes.

• District planning and zoning approvals to shape ideas which improve both business climate and quality of life.

• Intensive, ongoing efforts to recruit retail prospects and support commercial corridors.

• Preservation of Midtown and New Center’s rich historic heritage through restoration and renovation. 

• Collaborative planning to create a more connected cultural center campus.

Collective Services

• Trash collection, graffiti removal, and bus shelter maintenance in the district.

• Landscaping enhancements and seasonal landscaping maintenance to support area economic growth.

• District promotion of Midtown and New Center via website development and social media.

• Special events that attract 50,000+ people to the district.

Public Infrastructure

• Major investment in area medians, trees, flowerbeds and gateways.

• Development and maintenance of community parks for health and vitality.

• Construction of non-motorized projects such as green ways, walkways for pedestrians and bicycles, and green alleys  to improve access to your business.

• Addition and maintenance of street and pedestrian lighting (both functional and decorative).

• Quarterly newsletters on Midtown Detroit trends.

• Community and economic development forums and related events.

• Vote in the Annual Election of the Board of Directors

Your support is essential in helping MDI provide the many services, improvements, and enhancements that draw residents and visitors to our location. Strengthening our area’s quality is key to attracting consumers and increasing value. We welcome you to join forces with MDI and our members to make Midtown the destination in Detroit!

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